Photography: How to Build Your Portfolio

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About the Course

Photography: How to Build Your Portfolio

I've got thousands of photos!   ...but how do I choose which ones should go in my portfolio?   This simple e-course has the answer.  Discover who you are as an artist as you find your themes, your hero shots and your best collections.  Your portfolio is how you will apply for photography jobs, enter exhibitions and collaborate with others - so let's have fun and get it right.   

Join our resident expert, Paul Sommers, as he demonstrates the process of building a great portfolio.

In this e-course:

  • Build your portfolio in 3 sorts. 
  • Discover your creative themes. 
  • Ask the 7 key questions you need to ask to find your best shots. 
  • Identify your hero shots and know what to do with them. 
  • Explore the collections you still need to finish.  
  • Have fun learning essential curation skills you will always use.
  • Download your handy Portfolio Building Worksheet.

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